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testimonials sussex

Nicholas // Sussex

"I was in a tight spot. I’d worked hard to build up a sizeable property portfolio during the boom years, but now it felt as if it was all crashing down around me.

The biggest problem was managing it. Although I had equity in some properties, others were deep in negative equity, and some tenants weren’t paying the rent, so I couldn’t pay some of the mortgages. I was losing sleep.

The solution just seemed ideal. A lot of thought had gone into it. It was simple, but removed all my worries.

Since I decided to accept that offer I have been impressed with the way things have turned around.  I have peace of mind. Rather than being financially ruined, I got a small payment up front, have received other lump sums along the way (from sales) and have more to look forward to as the remaining houses are bought.

I would have no hesitation in recommending this ​company if you want to sell your property portfolio."

​Nicholas ★★★★★

testimonials devon

​Sally // Devon

"I had 4 properties, and they were in poor condition. I was on the verge of giving the keys back to the bank. So glad I didn’t.

This has worked really well for me and I’d be happy to talk personally with anyone who wants to know more.  Highly recommended."

​Sally ★★★★★

testimonials london

​Mark // London

"I signed the paperwork for the sale of my property portfolio in December 2016.  I was too busy as a solicitor to think about my 20 properties, which were intended to augment my pension.

Poor management and high service charges meant I had to subsidise the portfolio every month.

What I liked about our arrangement was the fact it gave me the price I wanted for my properties at a future time and all of my costs are covered for me.

Being able to focus on my core business has been invaluable"

​Mark ★★★★★

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