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Selling a Property Portfolio - ​The Smarter way

Selling a property portfolio can be a daunting task. In fact it’s ​way more difficult trying to sell a portfolio of properties – than it is to put a portfolio together in the first place.

You could try Selling Your Portfolio One Property At A Time – the same way you put your portfolio together in the first place – or you could look for a Smarter Way OF Selling Where You’ll Sell Your Entire Portfolio In A Single Transaction.


Here at Property Portfolio Sales ​we're "Actively Buying Property Portfolios Right Now of all shapes and sizes - in ​any condition - and in any area of the UK. ​We Can Offer You Over 15 Years Of Portfolio Buying Experience and ​take care of every little detail of your sale for you - ​to make the entire process of selling your portfolio a whole lot easier.

​TO FIND OUT MORE - have a read of the information below - and then Contact Us For A consultation And Initial Chat.

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Here’s all the information you need now on how to “Sell Your Portfolio In 3 Simple Steps” – where you’ll learn how following these steps can make selling your portfolio a whole lot easier.

These 3 steps have been developed over time – to ensure all important details are taken care of – when selling a property portfolio to us here at Property Portfolio Sales.

So have a read now – and get in touch if you need any further information.

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Step1 - Contact US

You can Contact US in a number of easy ways to request a consultation and make an initial enquiry about selling your property portfolio:

  1. Click - Contact US button (immediately below) and fill out the form.
  2. Click - FREE Consultation button (bottom left of your screen)
  3. ​Click - ​WhatsApp button (bottom right of your screen)
  4. Call   - 0800 77 234 88

"Key Questions"

In preparation for our initial chat we've devised a number of "Key Questions" for you to start thinking about - to ensure you've covered all of your "Key Reasons" ​for selling ​a property portfolio at this time.​

Your answers to these Key Questions​ will ​help us to understand your situation more clearly - which in turn means we can do a better job for you.

​Please take a few moments to download the form (below) - where you'll find these questions listed - and maybe jot down a few notes for when we talk.

to download form - click image above

​Here's a brief summary of the Key Questions on the form:

  1. ​Tell us a few details about the properties in your portfolio - so we can understand your portfolio better and provide an accurate valuation.
  2. What’s your situation and why are you considering selling your property portfolio at this particular time?
  3. What’s your ideal outcome from the sale? If you could wave a magic wand then what would you like to see happen?
  4. Are you under any time pressures to sell quickly? Or is “slow and steady” better for you?
  5. ​Anything else you’d like to share about your portfolio?
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Step2 - Let's Chat

​​Let's chat about your portfolio during our initial call - ​and we'll ​look at your reasons for selling at this time.

​Let's discuss the best way to ​work together - to help you achieve your aims and objectives.

We can take a look at your answers to the ​Key Questions​ (from above) - as this always gives an accurate pointer towards the best way forward.

​Those looking at selling a property portfolio have undoubtedly spent a lot of time building up this portfolio in the first place. So they ​need to ensure their buyer ​has the ability to complete.

Property Portfolio Sales are a company with a proven track record of buying portfolios. Our core approach is exchange of contracts - and then a period of care-taking before the sale completes.

​Outline proposal

​After our initial call we'll get right back to you with an Outline Proposal​ of our discussions - which will ​highlight all viable selling alternatives for you to consider.

​And then once you've ​had the opportunity to fully digest this ​​Outline Proposal - we'll ​chat again to see ​whether you'd like to move forward.

You'll always be encouraged to take your time - ​and get comfortable with all ​the details.​

selling a property portfolio 3steps3

Step3 - ​Finer Details

​Finer Details - this is where we'll start to ​put together our proposal based on our discussions to date.

We'll also request any further information from you about your property portfolio (as and when ​required).

In short we'll begin our due diligence process on your portfolio.

Procedures - Checks and Systems

As mentioned already - we've previously bought portfolios from 1 - 100's of properties. And have developed tried and trusted Procedures - Checks and Systems to ensure the whole process runs smoothly.

So if the prospect of selling multiple properties seems in any way daunting? Please don't worry. We'll explain everything clearly and work at a pace that's comfortable for you.

P.S. We can buy very quickly for anyone requiring a quick sale.


I'd like to mention confidentiality here - because that's important.

There won't be anything obvious to the outside world that your portfolio is being sold. Unlike if you were selling via an estate agent or commercial agent where you'd have For Sale Boards everywhere.

You'll have no awkward questions to answer from tenants (or any other interested parties) as our due diligence is carried out invisibly.

When you're 100% happy

When all the finer details have been ironed out and you're 100% happy - we can move onto the legal paperwork (via solicitors). And once this ​has been completed - we'll make your financial payment (​in alignment with ​whatever has been agreed).

​At this time we'll also take the management of your portfolio under our wing - and inform tenants about the changes.

So now - to all intents and purposes - you've sold your portfolio.

The pain of losing a sale

Here at Property Portfolio Sales we're often approached by property portfolio owners who've tried selling their portfolios by other routes - and become disheartened.

  • Some have had the very painful (and expensive) experience of buyers pulling out at an advanced stage of sale.
  • Others have been worried by the large fees charged by commercial agents and auction houses - wiping out their profits.
  • And others have become disillusioned by so called cash buyers wanting huge discounts.

​For one moment - put yourself in the shoes of your average property ​buyer. And ​remember the enormous amount of details they need to get right - even when buying just a single property.

Then multiply this by 5, 10, 50 properties in an entire portfolio. And you can begin to see the enormity of the task at hand for any potential portfolio buyer.

Selling a property portfolio - Certainty of Sale*

With Property Portfolio Sales you'll have "Certainty of Sale" to allow you to move forward with confidence onto whatever you're planning to do next.

*Certainty of Sale - means that once due diligence has taken place and we've agreed terms to buy your portfolio we won't then pull out later. So long as there aren't any changes that you the client initiates. And also that there aren't any legislation changes or other external factors that affect the viability of the purchase and are beyond our reasonable control.

We know it's a BIG deal for you to sell your portfolio to us. So we'll always work with you in an environment of mutual trust and respect.



​allows you to fully ​assess ​ALL available options for ​the sale of your portfolio​

Unlimited Consultation Time & No Fees - Guaranteed

You'll receive unlimited FREE consultation time to work out what's best for you and your portfolio through to completion. And there are No Fees under any circumstances.

And very importantly we'll be working at whatever pace you're most comfortable with. This will allow you to perform proper due diligence on all aspects of your sale.

However, should you need a sale to complete quickly - for example to raise funds for a business - we can push things through at lightning speed.

Property Portfolio challenges & issues

Here at Property Portfolio Sales we deal with LOTS of different portfolios that come in all shapes and sizes. And EVERY portfolio comes with unique challenges and issues - that's quite normal.

So please don't let the fact that Your Portfolio Isn't Perfect stall you from contacting us about a sale. Because there's Always A Solution to issues including the following:

Property issues

  1. Poor property conditions
  2. Negative equity
  3. Problem tenants
  4. Rental arrears
  5. A commercial element eg a shop

Capital gains tax

And if there's equity in your portfolio you may be concerned about being faced with a HUGE Capital Gains Tax bill from HMRC.

Again don't let that stall you from contacting us. Because the sale of your properties can be structured over a period of years to ensure you keep maximum profits.

Your accountant / Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) can of course advise you to ensure you're covered.

selling a property portfolio happy

​After your sale concludes - take a well deserved break

Despite the urban myths ​that property portfolios ​represent an easy source of passive income - the reality is that property portfolios are ​very hard work - and ​far from being passive.

​So ​once your sale has concluded you'll ​GAIN FREEDOM from all of the worries that go along with portfolio ownership. Which will allow you to get on with your life - without the ongoing demands of tenants, maintenance and burst pipes etc.

​And this will allow you to move onto the next phase of your life - and get on with the many other things you've been wanting to ​do.

selling a property portfolio space

​Selling a Property Portfolio - Conclusions

Selling a property portfolio means different things to different people. Some people just want to sell up and go and live next to a beach in Spain.

While for others – selling a property portfolio means they can now concentrate on their businesses and careers without the constant portfolio duties to attend to.

Some people bought their portfolios before the credit crunch hit. They Believed House Prices Would Just Keep Increasing For Ever.

However many years later - Some Now Feel Trapped In A Nightmare Of Negative Equity - meaning the money from a conventional sale won't clear the amount owing on the mortgages.

Everyone has a different reason for selling their portfolios. ​We Have A Solution For Every Conceivable Situation that portfolio owners find themselves in Including ​A Solution For The Negative Equity Trap.

​So even if you think your portfolio is a lost cause - it probably isn't. So please get in touch and we'll be glad to take a look.

​​​​​Kind regards

Phil Calladine - portfolio consultant

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Phil Calladine

"Hi there - I'm Phil Calladine - living in Lymm in Cheshire, UK. I have a wealth of property knowledge - and I'm sharing it with you here on this website. I'm also a member of the NLA. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions about selling your property portfolio"

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