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Selling a property portfolio can be a daunting task. In fact it’s way more difficult trying to sell a portfolio of properties – than it is to put a portfolio together in the first place.

You could try selling your portfolio one property at a time – the same way you put your portfolio together in the first place.

But can you really be bothered selling every property individually?

Instead you could be using "a much smarter way of selling your entire property portfolio in a single transaction" - where you'll have:

  • no selling fees 
  • no selling discounts
  • less Capital Gains Tax to pay

Let's begin with a quick look at the more "traditional ways of selling a property portfolio".

And then we'll examine a much smarter alternative:

traditional ways of selling a property portfolio

Traditional ways of selling a property portfolio includes:

  • Auction Houses
  • Business Brokers
  • Commercial Agents
  • Estate Agents
  • WeBuyAnyHouse online companies

The main problem with all of these agents is you'll be subject to:

  1. HUGE Selling Fees - because these businesses are funded by charging you high fees.
  2. BIG Discount Requests - because the buyers you'll be introduced to will all be savvy property investors looking for a bargain.
  3. HIGH Capital Gains Tax Bills - because all your properties will be sold at once - so you'll needlessly overpay on tax.

However there's "a much smarter way of selling a property portfolio" - with no nasty fees - no discounts - no unnecessary tax to pay.

So let's take a look:

a smarter way of selling a portfolio

There's an alternative way of selling your property portfolio - where you:

  1. Won't pay any FEES
  2. Don't have to give Discounts
  3. Won't overpay on Capital Gains Tax

And you can still sell all the properties in your portfolio in ONE TRANSACTION

it's called a structured sale and here's how it works:

selling a property portfolio structured sales

Structured Sale

A structured sale has incredible advantages for you over Traditional Selling Agents.

Not least because a structured sale is 100% FLEXIBLE to your needs AND because it works with EVERY type of portfolio sale.

All that's needed with a structured sale is for you to work out what you want to achieve from the sale of your portfolio.

Your sale can then be structured to meet your individual needs and circumstances.

Save on fees discounts and tax

With a structured sale you'll save on selling costs because you:

  1. Won't pay FEES
  2. Don't have to give Discounts
  3. Won't overpay Capital Gains Tax

Low equity portfolio no problem

A structured sale allows you to sell your portfolio even where it CANNOT BE SOLD by traditional selling agents.

Here's a couple of examples:

  1. Portfolios with low equity
  2. Portfolios with negative equity

With low / negative equity portfolios you won't be able to sell via traditional selling agents - because your sale won't generate enough profits to pay the HIGH selling fees.

So the only way to sell would be to pay the fees by adding your own funds.

IE you pay the fees out of your own pocket.

however you can easily sell these portfolios via a structured sale because there aren't any selling fees to pay.

Structured sale key features

  1. Your portfolio sale is put on autopilot where sales happen in a phased manner. So you won't get clobbered for Capital Gains Tax.
  2. You can sell your portfolio in ANY area of the UK. Including portfolios geographically spread apart.
  3. Your portfolio can be sold even if it's not in the best of of condition. And things like rental arrears and problem tenants aren't an issue. So you don't have to spend hours sorting out your portfolio - just to sell.
  4. You can sell negative equity properties. Which means you're no longer stuck with an unsaleable portfolio.
  5. You can sell portfolios with any mix - residential - commercial - HMO - Serviced Accommodation.
  6. If your portfolio has equity - you'll receive an upfront payment.
  7. Your sale will be overseen by a UK solicitor - with rigorous protection.

"You can think of a structured sale as a way of selling your portfolio on autopilot without having to do any of the difficult selling work yourself".

* Your accountant / Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) will be able to fully advise you on your tax position and capital gains tax allowances.

selling a property portfolio hands

property portfolio sales

Property portfolio sales are a property portfolio buyer - based in Lymm, Cheshire.

Our team specialises in buying portfolios up and down the UK. - That's our core business along with an internal lettings team who take good care of the properties and tenants within our own portfolio.

Property Portfolio Sales can design a custom built structured sale for you that's built entirely around your needs.


There won't be anything obvious to the outside world that your portfolio is being sold.

Unlike if you were selling via an estate agent, auction house, commercial agent etc - where you'd have For Sale Boards everywhere.

You'll have no awkward questions to answer from tenants (or any other interested parties) as our due diligence is carried out invisibly.

Getting in touch

If you'd like to learn more - then please contact us for an informal chat about selling your portfolio.

  1. You can contact us via: email - contact Form 0800 77 234 88 - to arrange a convenient time to chat
  2. Following on from this - we'll send you over our initial ideas
  3. And then it's up to you what you'd like to do next - no sales pitch.

Just lots of options for you to consider - based on 15 years of experience.

Buying Decision in 48 Hours when Urgent




allows you to fully assess ALL available options for the sale of your portfolio

consultation form

In preparation for our initial chat - you might like to download a copy of our consultation form below. This form has a number of key questions about why you're considering selling?

to take a look - click image above

a summary of the Key Questions on the form:

  1. A few details about the properties in your portfolio?
  2. What’s your situation and why are you considering selling your property portfolio at this time?
  3. What’s your ideal outcome from the sale? If you could wave a magic wand then what would you like to see happen?
  4. Are you under any time pressures to sell quickly? Or is “slow and steady” better?
  5. Anything else you’d like to share about your portfolio?

Pros and cons of selling to property portfolio sales


  • Any Portfolio Purchased
  • No Selling Fees
  • Buying Decision In 48 Hours
  • Capital Gains Tax Strategies
  • Negative Equity Purchases
  • Commercial elements OK


  • Not A multi-branch company
  • smaller in-house Team
  • prioritise quality Over Quantity
  • Structured sales
  • maintain own portfolio
  • advise against selling all properties together
selling a property portfolio conclusions

selling a property portfolio conclusions

Despite the popular idea that property portfolios represent an easy source of passive income - I'm sure you'll agree that in reality they're very hard work? And far from being passive?

Selling a property portfolio means different things to different people. Some people just want to sell up and have an easier life. While for others - selling a property portfolio means they can concentrate on other things.

Everyone has a different reason for selling their portfolios. And there's a solution for every situation you might find yourself in.

So even if you think your portfolio is a lost cause - it probably isn't. please get in touch and we'll be glad to take a look.

Property Portfolio Sales - Getting in touch

Thanks for reading our website.

If you'd like to learn more - then please get in touch for an informal chat about selling your portfolio.

Contact us via: email - Contact Form - 0800 77 234 88 - WhatsApp - whichever you prefer.

You can tell us about your portfolio - and then together we can look at ideas on possible ways for you to sell.

Kind regards.

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Phil Calladine - proprietor & consultant

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