4) "Selling A Portfolio Yourself Without Using An Estate Agent" is an option many portfolio owners are now choosing. Read this report to learn how - - - - -

4) "Selling A Portfolio Yourself Without Using An Estate Agent" is an option many portfolio owners are now choosing. Read this report to learn how - - - - -

sell your portfolio

by selling it yourself

  all the pros and cons below  

sell your investment property portfolio

sell your portfolio without an estate agent

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Selling a SINGLE investment property without using an estate agent is something that's now easier than ever for landlords to do.

So you may be wondering if it’s also possible to sell your ENTIRE investment property portfolio without needing an estate agent?

Go back just a few short years before the internet became co popular and you'd struggle to sell any property without enlisting the help of a high street estate agent.

Back in those days there wasn't the mechanism to market properties by yourself. But now thanks to the internet that's all changed. And you can now sell your entire investment property portfolio without ever needing to set foot in a high street estate agent.

Which means you can save yourself a fortune in fees.

And this guide will show you 10 steps to make it happen...

Sell your property portfolio

  • No Fees
  • Less Tax

Sell your portfolio yourself

There are 2 approaches to self-selling the properties in your portfolio.

  1. Online DIY - Sell via an online estate agent - but do ALL the estate agent work yourself. This is the cheaper option and allows you to fully control enquiries and the sales process.
  2. Online Estate Agent - Sell via an online estate agent - and let the Online Estate Agent do the work for you. This option is more expensive than the DIY option - but cheaper than a high street estate agent.

1) Online DIY

Here you can advertise via an online estate agent - but do most or all of the estate agent work yourself.

A website to look at is Visum. Visum will allow you to advertise your properties via the 3 leading websites:

Visum isn't a normal online estate agent - more of a third party agent giving you access to advertise on the 3 leading websites above via their account. And they will also optionally take sales enquiries for you.

Besides Visum - here's a few FREE property selling websites for you to look at:

fREE property Listing Websites

You can list your properties for FREE on the websites above. However they DO NOT give you access to the major selling websites such as Rightmove, Prime Location, Zoopla.

TO RECAP - List your properties on Visum AND also list your properties on the FREE websites above.

2) Online Estate Agent

Here you can advertise via an online estate agent - but let the estate agent do the estate agent work for you.

So to all intents and purposes this is the same as using a high street estate agent - but an online version.

Some very well known examples of online estate agents are:

There's many more.

These online estate agents have a range of packages to cover the "10 steps to sell your investment property portfolio" - listed lower down.

And they'll also give you access to the leading websites via their account.

why you can't advertise on rightmove

You may be wondering whether you can advertise directly on Rightmove, Prime Location, Zoopla etc without needing access via an online estate agent?

The simple answer is NO you can't.

That's because Rightmove (and the others) only deal with estate agents and not with the general public. And to get an account with Rightmove costs thousands of pounds. So it wouldn't be cost-effective for you to get an account - even if they'd allow you to have one.

So in order to advertise on Rightmove, Prime Location, Zoopla etc - you need to contact an online estate agent such as Visum | Housesimple, Purplebricks, Yopa etc.

These estate agents can give you access to advertise via their accounts. And they can justify the high costs of having these accounts because they're selling lots of properties every day.

sell your investment property portfolio portfolio

selling your investment property portfolio

Selling your portfolio is the same as selling an individual property except you'll need to repeat the process many times over depending on the number of properties in your portfolio.

So we'd probably advise that this is only a credible way of selling your portfolio if it isn't too large.

And because your portfolio is a RENTAL portfolio ie it has tenants and is income producing, you'll need to think about who might want to buy your properties from you.

Our advice here would be to analyse the 3 potential markets you can sell to:

3 potential markets you can sell to

1) Investors

Here you're looking to sell your rental properties to fellow investors who want to continue renting out after they've purchased from you.

And they'll probably be looking to continue with your existing tenants.

However be aware that investors like a bargain and don't like paying full price!!

2) Owner Occupiers

Here you're looking to sell your rental properties to owner occupiers. So that will mean (at some stage) evicting the tenants who are currently renting - to allow the new buyers to move in as owner occupiers.

3) existing tenants

Here you're looking to sell your rental properties to existing tenants. It's possible that a number of your tenants  enjoy living where they are and would like to buy their rental property from you?

You need to do some research as to which of the above markets you're wanting to sell to - Investors - Owner Occupiers - Existing Tenants?

Ideally you can sell to a combination of all 3 markets? 

size matters when selling a portfolio

We're looking here at selling your portfolio by possibly splitting it into separate properties. And then selling each property individually.

So we'd definitely say that SIZE MATTERS.

Here's 2 portfolio examples to illustrate:

Portfolio A - contains 5 properties

This portfolio isn't too large so can easily be sold to any of the following 5 groups:

  1. Single investor wanting a 5 property portfolio.
  2. Five different investors each wanting 1 investment property.
  3. Five owner occupiers each wanting to buy 1 property.
  4. Five existing tenants wanting to buy
  5. A combination of the above.

Portfolio B - contains 37 properties

This portfolio is very large and so is:

  1. Probably best aimed at a single investor who wants buy the entire portfolio.
  2. The size of this portfolio is too large for selling individually - as the amount of work involved would be too great.

So portfolio A would be suitable for selling privately without using an estate agent where as portfolio B would be considered too large.

sell your investment property portfolio 10steps

10 steps to sell your investment property portfolio

There's 10 steps to follow - to sell the properties in your portfolio by yourself.

And as mentioned earlier you can choose to do the work yourself - or enlist some help from an Online Estate Agent.

1) Make properties saleable

If your rental property is empty then it's easier to access the house to make it look nice. However if you have tenants then you're somewhat at their mercy as to how the property can be presented for sale.

Here's some things you can do - first impressions count so give your house some curb appeal:

  1. Ensuring the outside is looking its best.
  2. Neutralise the decoration and remove personal taste.
  3. Tidy up clutter and remove personal effects such as photographs
  4. Remove bulky furniture to make it appear spacious.
  5. Concentrate on living room, kitchen, bathroom.
  6. Give it a lifestyle - and make it look welcoming.

TIP - It's often said there's no need to spend money sprucing up a house for sale. Because the new buyers will want to stamp their own personality. So a waste of money.

In our opinion this isn't true - IT IS WORTH spending the time and money to ensure a property is presented as well as possible for sale.

That's because many buyers are looking for a property that's ready to move into. They have little interest in doing DIY and will simply BUY A DIFFERENT PROPERTY.

2) Advertise at correct price

It's important to advertise your property at the correct price. Getting the correct price is easier than you might think so follow the advice below and you're sure to get lots of interest.

  • 3 High Street Agents - Talk to 3 high street estate agents and ask them to value your property. They'll probably come up with 3 different prices - so the average price is a good guide.
  • Recent Sales - Look at how much similar houses have sold for in your area. Look at the conditions of these properties by reviewing online pictures. This will give you a great indication of how much to advertise for. And this is also how estate agents determine asking prices. I personally look at SOLD PRICES on Rightmove as my main tool for this research.

TIP - Set the asking price too low and you're losing money. Set it too high and it won't sell. Everyone seems to think their property is worth 10% more than it's actually worth!!

NB - One often overlooked reason to NOT overprice your property is that a mortgage company will only give your buyer a mortgage for the REAL price of your property. They won't lend any more - even if you've agreed a higher sale price.

3) property descriptions

You need to write a description your property. You may be writing this yourself? Or you may be getting help from an online estate agent?

Take some time and look at other listings of other properties that are for sale in your area. Because these are the properties you'll be competing against.

The things you'll need to include are:

Area description:

  • Overlooking the park
  • Near to shops
  • Close to train station etc

House description:

  • Semi-detached
  • Garden
  • Garage
  • Double glazing
  • Central heating etc

Room descriptions:

  • Whats in each room, eg radiator, cooker, built in wardrobe, bath etc.
  • Room sizes (metres and feet)
  • Room location eg ground floor, first floor etc.

Legal requirement:

  • EPC certificate (lasts 10 years)
  • Lease information etc

If an investment property:

  • Details of rent taken
  • Any license requirements
  • Smoke alarms etc.

The above list isn't exhaustive. Do some research and make your description sell the key features of your property. Ask a trusted friend to read and check.

sell your investment property portfolio pictures

4) Pictures & floor plans

Take great pictures

I'm often SHOCKED by just how BAD a lot of property photographs are. They do nothing to sell the virtues of a property - and actually put people off.

A digital SLR camera (DSLR) will take the best pictures/photographs. And items such as a wide angle lens will make your box room look like it's the size of an aircraft hanger.

However you CAN also take great photographs with a modern smartphone and you DON'T need expensive equipment.

If you're using an online agent then they should be taking the pictures for you.

However if you're doing it yourself - here's a checklist of how to take good photographs.

pictures - check list

Take landscape pictures (not portrait) - this means your picture is wider than it is tall (like a television) - WHY

  • Because all the websites your pictures will appear on (eg Rightmove) display pictures in landscape.
  • Because it makes your photographs appear so much more professional.

TIDY UP the rooms you'll be photographing. Be TOTALLY RUTHLESS.

  • Clean, tidy, dust
  • Clear worktops
  • Remove personal photos
  • Dress beds
  • Hide large items of furniture

Light up the rooms - ideally with natural light

  • Choose a sunny day
  • Open curtains
  • Switch lights on

Get as much in the frame as possible

  • Put the camera in the corner of each room to get as much in the frame as possible.
  • Experiment with different angles and camera heights to take the most flattering pictures.
  • Make sure you're not appearing in any shots with mirrors / windows.

Edit photos after to enhance them

  • If necessary you can use Photoshop or an online website such as Canva to enhance your photos.
  • Don't apply silly filters, effects or borders.

TIP - There are companies who will take professional photographs for you. Do a search on Google for your area.

Floor plan

  • If you're with an online agent then they should be arranging this for you. Our recommendation is to always get a floor plan done as it will attract so much more interest.
  • If you need to arrange your own floor plan then take a look on Google for someone in your local area who can provide this service.

TIP - You can get pictures and floor plan done by the same company - saves on costs.

5) List your properties

Your online agent may be doing this for you ie creating the advert that will appear on websites such as Rightmove, Prime Location, Zoopla etc. Or you may be doing this yourself?

What we're talking about here is gathering together the items already discussed.

And then either handing these to your online agent OR creating the listing yourself if taking a DIY approach.

For your property listing you'll need:

  • Selling price (step 2 above)
  • Property description (step 3 above)
  • Property pictures and floor plan (step 4 above)

Additionally you'll need:

  • A valid EPC certificate (rated at E or better) - Look online at epcregister to see if your property already has an EPC certificate - which you can download for free. Certificates last 10 years.
If you need to get an EPC done then take a look on Google for someone in your local area who can provide this service.

6) Arrange and do viewings

You may be using an online agent to do your viewings. Or you may be doing the viewings yourself. Whichever the situation - here's some advice:

  • Present House Well - Remove clutter and tidy up.
  • Double Check Viewings - When someone arranges a viewing always double check they're still attending approx 1 hour before the viewing.
  • Turn Up On Time - It's polite.
  • Important Information - Have it to hand
  • Pre-Arrange With Tenants - If this is a rental property then you need to pre-arrange with your tenants to gain access for viewing.
  • Consider Your Safety - Always tell someone what you're doing.

7) Take offers / negotiate selling price

If you've followed all of the advice then you should be in a great position to take offers on your property.

Offers might mean someone wants to pay the full asking price or it might mean someone is offering a lower price for you to consider.

There isn't any real advice on offers as you'll have to decide what to do depending on your situation.

sell your investment property portfolio offer

8) Accept offer

Once an offer has been made you need to decide whether to accept or not. Here's some things to consider?

  • Acceptable Offer - Does this offer seem fair and acceptable?
  • Level Of Interest - Have you had lots of interest in your property - or is this your one and only buyer?
  • Situation Of Buyer - Cash buyer? Mortgage in place? Investor? Owner occupier? Stuck in selling chain?
  • Is Buyer Reliable - Have they been on time for viewings etc?
  • Your Gut Feeling - What's your gut feeling about them?

If all's well then you can accept their offer and move on to solicitors

9) Instruct solicitor

You may already have a reliable solicitor - in which case you can instruct them to carry out your sale. Or you may need to ask around for a recommendation on a solicitor to use.

Your buyer also needs to instruct their own solicitor who will represent their interests with the sale.

At this point both you and your buyer are spending money whilst the legal process is carried out. So you need to be aware that if you or your buyer pulls out of the sale -  then these costs will still have to be paid.

You'll now need to gather together all of the things your solicitor asks you for such as information on:

  • What's included in the sale.
  • Any Certificates - Such as building work, double glazing (Fensa) etc.
  • Electrical/Gas Certificates.
  • Licenses - To prove legal to rent out.
  • Existing Tenant Information - Such as rent history.

This list will vary depending on each property.

If you're selling the property using an online agent then they'll liaise with your solicitor and keep an eye on the sale. if you're not using an online agent, then you'll need to keep an eye on proceedings yourself.

TIP - Push your solicitor to keep progressing your sale.

10) sale through to completion.

If everything's gone to plan then once both solicitors have completed their work - the property will move to exchange of contracts - and then completion.

And this is where your sale concludes for each of your properties in your portfolio.

Pros and cons selling portfolio yourself


  • Minimal costs
  • manage Capital Gains Tax
  • works for smaller portfolios
  • Not reliant on others
  • Internet now makes this possible
  • Learn "how to" in this guide


  • high demand on your time
  • Enquiries and viewings
  • Not for larger portfolios
  • Creative options unlikely
  • potentially Stressful
  • marketing knowledge an advantage

sell your investment property portfolio conclusions

You can definitely look to sell your investment property portfolio by your own endeavours. Selling a portfolio in this way gives you the option to do all of the work yourself - or alternatively you can enlist the help of an online estate agent to do a lot of the work for you.

If you elect to handle the process yourself then the costs will be very cheap. However if you do use an online estate agent to handle the majority of the work - then the costs will increase accordingly.

This will probably work best:

  •  If your portfolio isn't too large - as you'll have to repeat for each property.
  •  If you're not under any time pressure to sell quickly.

For example a 5 property portfolio is probably a good size to sell yourself and not too much work. Where as a 90 property portfolio would definitely be too much work to sell in this manner.

Sell your property portfolio

  • No Fees
  • Less Tax

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You can tell us about your portfolio - and then together we can look at ideas on possible ways for you to sell.

Kind regards.

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