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​Your guide to achieving the best possible price


Putting your Property Portfolio For Sale is something you need to consider carefully - to ensure you Sell Your Portfolio ​In The Best Possible ​Way - ​To Achieve The Best Possible price.

​Within this guide you'll find ​information on SIX Different Ways To Sell Your Property Portfolio​ - which will save you hours of time researching these selling options by yourself.

property portfolio for sale

Regarding selling your portfolio - which of these are important ​for you?

  • ​Selling for the best possible price?
  • ​Paying the least amount of tax?
  • Selling quickly?
  • ​Gaining freedom from your portfolio afterwards?

​portfolio sellers ​should ​look for a buyer who can demonstrate a proven track record of ​handling portfolio sales - without you getting ​caught up in an overly long and ​drawn out process.

​portfolio seller situations

​Consider the situations of the following sellers:

  1. SELLER 1​​: is under no time pressure to sell and just wants to sell for the best price possible. He ​thinks: "​my portfolio will sell in it's own good time - when the right person comes along - and pays the ​right price".
  2. SELLER 2: Is under immense pressure to ​sell due to a failed family business. He ​thinks: "I need to raise cash very quickly from selling my portfolio​ - to save ​my family home from repossession".

I'm sure you'll agree - there ​really isn't a one-size-fits-all selling solution here that ​will work for both sellers?

WHY READ THIS GUIDE? - Reading this guide will show you SIX ways in which you can ​place your property portfolio for sale in the UK in 2020

  • WHO IS THIS GUIDE FOR? - This guide is for anyone who has a UK based property portfolio - and is considering selling right now - or perhaps in the next few ​months?
  • WHAT'S COVERED? - The guide covers "SIX Different Ways To Sell Your property Portfolio" - giving you the seller - all the pros and cons of each of the selling methods.
  • WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? - This knowledge will allow you to confidently go about the ​task of selling your property portfolio - without ever needing to worry whether you made the right selling choice or not.

the merits of each selling method

There are merits to all SIX methods of selling - and the method that's perfect for you will in some way depend on a number of factors such as:

  • ​How much of the profits you want to keep?
  • How much spare time you have?
  • whether you need to sell quickly?
  • How competent you are at marketing for buyers?
  • How much built-in equity you have? (risking a high Capital Gains Tax bill - if you sell all properties at once).
  • ​whether any of your properties are in Negative Equity?

How to read this Guide

  • OVERVIEW - If you're simply wanting a quick overview of the SIX selling methods - first read through the ULTIMATE GUIDE 2020. You'll find this guide immediately below.
  • ​LEARN MORE - If you're wanting further details on any of the SIX selling methods ​- you'll find ​SIX ​portfolio selling guides lower down ​this page - which you can also access from within the  ULTIMATE GUIDE 2020​.
property portflio sales phil calladine

Phil Calladine - portfolio consultant

​ultimate Guide 2020

Let's ​begin immediately with the ​ULTIMATE GUIDE 2020​ - containing an ​analysis of SIX different ways to ​place your property portfolio for sale in 2020.

Click the picture below to ​read...

sell my property portfolio header

​"ULTIMATE GUIDE 2020" - Sell My Property Portfolio - Learn ​6 ways to sell your property portfolio - that all work - in 2020 -

​Learn More Here...

SIX portfolio selling Guides

And now here's the SIX portfolio selling guides that ​delve into each of the selling methods in a lot more detail. Just a quick word of advice as you read through these guides because not all selling routes are equal.

​Certain ​routes ​to selling can end up costing you ​a lot more in fees than other methods - ​so ​reducing ​your profits. ​These SIX guides will show yothe good the bad and the downright ​expensive​ - to ensure you make a correct and informed ​decision.

​And you end up ​placing your investment portfolio for sale - in the way that works best for you.

SIX portfolio selling guides

Selling a property portfolio isn't something you do every day - so it's important to understand ALL your options BEFORE you commit to selling.


selling a property portfolio header

1) Learn here how to sell your property portfolio to "Property Portfolio Sales" (that’s us). Sell for maximum price and pay minimum tax - -

​Learn More Here...
auctioning a house portfolio

2) This must read report will teach you everything you need to know about selling your property portfolio via an "Auction House" - - -

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residential property portfolios for sale portfolio

3) This report teaches you all about selling your portfolio via a "Business Broker" and how business brokers can advertise residential property portfolios for sale

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selling-a-house-privately without using an estate agent heads

4) "Selling A ​Portfolio Yourself Without Using An Estate Agent" is an option many ​portfolio owners are now choosing. Read this report to learn ​how

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selling a buy to let property with tenants sales

5) This in-depth report will teach you all you need to know about selling a buy to let property portfolio via an ​"Estate Agent" -

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companies that buy houses header

​6) "Online Property Buying Companies" can buy houses very quickly and for cash. But can they buy your entire property portfolio? Learn more here -

​Learn More Here...

​Sell your portfolio in 3 steps

Step 1 - Your Perfect Outcome

​​​What's Your Perfect Outcome? 1) Selling For A Great Price? 2) Selling Quickly? 3) Minimising Taxes?

"All Of The Above?"

​Step 2 - selling options

what's your ​perfect way to sell? ​​Check Out ​the SIX portfolio selling guides ​to find out which is your

"perfect selling option".

Step 3 - Proven Track Record

​​Now you ​should ​look for a company with a Proven Track Record ​in buying and selling Property portfolios

​Property Portfolio For Sale - Conclusions

There really isn’t a right or wrong way for you ​to sell your property portfolio. The perfect way for you to sell ​will largely be based on your own personal ​circumstances – and also on the actual number and mix of properties involved.

​The ULTIMATE GUIDE 2020 and the SIX further selling guides featured earlier on this page ​have all been written to give you lots of information about ​the various selling methods. And I'd recommend you read each of them to get an overview of what might work best for you​.

​I hope you found ​these guides ​useful? And that they've given you ​enough information and knowledge ​to move forward - and sell your property portfolio with confidence?

Please do get in touch if you'd like any further information.

Kind regards

​Phil Calladine - portfolio consultant

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