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Guide to selling your portfolio for best possible price


Are you thinking about putting your property portfolio for sale - but maybe not 100% sure on the best way to go about it?

If you are thinking about selling - then this guide is for you. Because it walks you through six different ways in which you can sell your property portfolio in 2022?

And very importantly it will teach you about the fees, discounts and tax involved with each of the selling methods.

And how to structure a sale so you don't need to pay any of them!!

why read this guide?

  • READING THIS GUIDE - Will show you SIX different ways in which you can place your property portfolio for sale in the UK in 2022
  • WHO IS THIS GUIDE FOR? - This guide is for anyone who has a UK based property portfolio - and is considering selling.
  • WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? - This knowledge will allow you to confidently sell your property portfolio - in the way that's best for you.

the merits of each selling method

There are merits to all SIX selling methods - and the method that's perfect for you will in some way depend on:

  • The size of your portfolio?
  • How much equity you have - risking a high Capital Gains Tax bill
  • whether any of your properties are in Negative Equity?
  • Whether you need to sell quickly?
  • How much spare time you have?
  • How good you are at marketing for buyers?

The SIX selling methods

The 6 selling methods covered are:

  1. Selling to Property Portfolio Sales
  2. Sell via an auction house
  3. Selling via a business broker
  4. Sell your portfolio by yourself
  5. Selling Via an Estate Agent
  6. Sell to an Online Property Buying Company

how to read this guide

  • TO GET AN OVERVIEW - first read through the "ULTIMATE GUIDE 2022" - immediately below. This guide gives an overview of the SIX selling methods.
  • TO LEARN MORE - Read through the SIX portfolio selling guides lower down this page. These guides go in-depth into each of the selling methods.

ultimate guide 2022

Click image below to read guide:

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"ULTIMATE GUIDE 2022" - Sell My Property Portfolio - Learn 6 ways to sell your property portfolio - that all work - in 2022 -

Learn More Here...

SIX portfolio selling guides

And now here's the SIX PORTFOLIO SELLING GUIDES that delve into each of the selling methods in a lot more detail.

These SIX guides will show yothe good the bad and the downright expensive - to ensure you make an informed decision BEFORE you commit to selling.


selling a property portfolio headers

1) Learn here how to sell your property portfolio to "Property Portfolio Sales" (that’s us). Sell for maximum price and pay minimum tax - -

Learn More Here...
auctioning a house header

2) This must read report will teach you everything you need to know about selling your property portfolio via an "Auction House" - - -

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residential property portfolios for sale header

3) This report teaches you all about selling your portfolio via a "Business Broker" and how business brokers can advertise residential property portfolios for sale

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sell your investment property portfolio headers

4) "Selling A Portfolio Yourself Without Using An Estate Agent" is an option many portfolio owners are now choosing. Read this report to learn how

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sell a tenanted property portfolio header

5) This in-depth report will teach you all you need to know about selling a buy to let property portfolio via an "Estate Agent" -

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companies that buy houses heads

6) "Online Property Buying Companies" can buy houses very quickly and for cash. But can they buy your entire property portfolio? Learn more here -

Learn More Here...

property portfolio for sale - conclusions

There isn't a right way or a wrong way for you to sell your property portfolio.

The perfect way to sell will largely be based on your personal circumstances - and on the number and mix of properties involved.

The ULTIMATE GUIDE 2022 and the SIX selling guides featured earlier have been written to give you lots of information about the various selling methods.

I hope you find these guides useful?

And that they give you enough information and knowledge to move forward - and sell your property portfolio with confidence?

Property Portfolio Sales - Getting in touch

Thanks for reading our website.

If you'd like to learn more about selling your property portfolio to Property Portfolio Sales - then please get in touch for an informal chat.

Contact us via: EmailContact Form 0800 77 234 88 - WhatsApp - whichever you prefer.

You can tell us about your portfolio - and then together we can look at ideas on possible ways for you to sell.

Kind regards.

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