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​UK portfolio landlords - endless challenges


As UK​ landlords and property consultants we're hearing more and more ​from concerned UK portfolio landlords ​who are facing ​endless Portfolio Challenges like never before.

Many landlords are telling us it now ​feels as if the UK government is trying to tax and regulate ​them out of existence. With new laws such as Section 24 Tax - where many landlords are now being taxed on turnover instead of profits.

I mean how unfair is that? - to tax landlords like ​ourselves - irrespective of whether or not a profit is being​ made?

what can ​we do about the changes?

Well the first thing that's super important to do is to ​​Make Sure ​we all Understand The Changes. Because it's only when ​we understand them all that ​we can work out how ​they might affect our businesses ​moving forward.

​Different people are affected by the changes in different ​ways.

For example you may be a:

  • ​Landlord who isn't too badly affected. 
  • ​Landlady who's portfolio ​has ​flipped from being ​income ​producing Into a portfolio that makes a loss.​
  • ​Landlord who's in the middle of these two extremes - but crucially needs to take remedial action.

changes to be aware of

​Here's just a few examples of ​recent government changes​

  • Section 24 Tax - where property income is now taxed on turnover
  • Tenant Fees Ban where there's now huge fines for over-charging tenants
  • Section 21 Legislation - proposals to end Section 21 no fault evictions
  • Capital Gains Tax - changes affecting tax payable when selling

As such we've written a series of guides to help you to understand all the changes.

You'll find these guides below:

why read these guides?

  • ​UNDERSTAND THE CHANGES - ​You need to ​understand the changes. And then start to think about how they ​might affect you -​ in your situation.
  • ​TAKE THE NECESSARY ACTION - ​Once  you understand ​how the changes ​might affect you - you ​can ​​begin to take action to ​protect yourself​.
  • ​PLAN FOR THE LONGER TERM - ​Once you've taken immediate ​actions you can make plans for ​your longer term ​survival.​

knowledge guides

​Managing a portfolio is ​difficult enough without all the new changes in taxes and regulations.

​So For A Great Head Start On All The Changes - ​Have A Read Of All The Knowledge Guides Below. ​


section 24 of income tax act headers

This in-depth report will show you how “Section 24 Tax” can flip many income-producing property portfolios into portfolios that begin to lose money each month

​Learn More Here...
avoiding capital gains tax on property header

​This far reaching report will teach you all you need to know to “Avoid Paying Too Much Capital Gains Tax” when selling your property portfolio

​Learn More Here...

This must read report will teach you everything you need to know about the “Tenant Fees Act” and how to avoid incurring huge potential fines

​Learn More Here...

Learn here why UK government plans to “Abolish Section 21 No Fault Evictions” will force landlords into handing over their properties with open-ended tenancies -

​Learn More Here...

​property consultant - conclusions

All portfolios are so unique and different and there isn't a one-size-fits-all solution​ to the recent changes in UK laws and regulations.

The perfect solution for you is to look at your own portfolio ​- and make the changes necessary to enable you to​ keep moving ​forward.

I hope you find these guides useful?

And that they give you ​the information and knowledge you need​.

Sell your property portfolio

  • ​No Fees
  • ​Less Tax

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