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​UK portfolio landlords - endless challenges


As UK​ landlords and property consultants we're hearing more and more ​from concerned UK portfolio landlords ​who are facing ​endless Portfolio Challenges like never before.

Many landlords are telling us it now ​feels as if the UK government is trying to tax and regulate ​them out of existence. With new laws such as Section 24 Tax - where many landlords are now being taxed on turnover instead of profits.

I mean how unfair is that? - to tax landlords like ​ourselves - irrespective of whether or not a profit is being​ made?

what can ​we do about the changes?

Well the first thing that's super important to do is to ​​Make Sure ​we all Understand The Changes. Because it's only when ​we understand them all that ​we can work out how ​they might affect our businesses ​moving forward.

​Different people are affected by the changes in different ​ways.

For example you may be a:

  • ​Landlord who isn't too badly affected. 
  • ​Landlady who's portfolio ​has ​flipped from being ​income ​producing Into a portfolio that makes a loss.​
  • ​Landlord who's in the middle of these two extremes - but crucially needs to take remedial action.

changes to be aware of

​Here's just a few examples of ​recent government changes​

  • Section 24 Tax - where property income is now taxed on turnover
  • Tenant Fees Ban where there's now huge fines for over-charging tenants
  • Section 21 Legislation - proposals to end Section 21 no fault evictions
  • Capital Gains Tax - changes affecting tax payable when selling

As such we've written a series of guides to help you to understand all the changes.

You'll find these guides below:

why read these guides?

  • ​UNDERSTAND THE CHANGES - ​You need to ​understand the changes. And then start to think about how they ​might affect you -​ in your situation.
  • ​TAKE THE NECESSARY ACTION - ​Once  you understand ​how the changes ​might affect you - you ​can ​​begin to take action to ​protect yourself​.
  • ​PLAN FOR THE LONGER TERM - ​Once you've taken immediate ​actions you can make plans for ​your longer term ​survival.​

knowledge guides

​Managing a portfolio is ​difficult enough without all the new changes in taxes and regulations.

​So For A Great Head Start On All The Changes - ​Have A Read Of All The Knowledge Guides Below. ​


section 24 of income tax act headers

This in-depth report will show you how “Section 24 Tax” can flip many income-producing property portfolios into portfolios that begin to lose money each month

​Learn More Here...
avoiding capital gains tax on property header

This far reaching report will teach you all you need to know to “Avoid Paying Too Much Capital Gains Tax” when selling your property portfolio

​Learn More Here...

This must read report will teach you everything you need to know about the “Tenant Fees Act” and how to avoid incurring huge potential fines

​Learn More Here...

Learn here why UK government plans to “Abolish Section 21 No Fault Evictions” will force landlords into handing over their properties with open-ended tenancies -

​Learn More Here...

​property consultant - conclusions

All portfolios are so unique and different and there isn't a one-size-fits-all solution​ to the recent changes in UK laws and regulations.

The perfect solution for you is to look at your own portfolio ​- and make the changes necessary to enable you to​ keep moving ​forward.

I hope you find these guides useful?

And that they give you ​the information and knowledge you need​.

Sell your property portfolio

  • ​No Fees
  • ​Less Tax

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