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Property Portfolio Sales are a Property Portfolio Buying Company​ - based in Lymm in Cheshire. Our team specialises in buying portfolios up and down the UK.

That's our core ​expertise.

So if you are thinking about selling your property portfolio - we'd be delighted if you'd consider working with us on a Bespoke Portfolio Buying Solution that's built 100% around your portfolio and needs.

​We call this a Structured Sale...

​FREE consultation

Why not get in touch for a FREE half hour portfolio consultation?

Past clients tell us that ​it was during their FREE consultation​ ​that they first realised selling their property portfolios was ​going to be a lot easier than they ​thought.

A ​kind of "lightbulb moment​"...

So if you'd also like a chat about selling your portfolio:

​Click FREE Consultation​ below - fill out the form - and we'll be in touch pronto...​

No fees - no sales pitch - no obligation...

Property Portfolio Sales - Getting in touch

Thanks for reading our website.

If you'd like to learn more about selling your property portfolio to Property Portfolio Sales - then please ​get in touch for an informal chat​.

​Contact us via: ​EmailContact Form 0800 77 234 88 - WhatsApp​ - whichever you prefer.

​You can ​tell us about your portfolio​ - ​and then together we can ​look at ideas on ​possible ways for you to sell.

Kind regards.

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Phil Calladine - proprietor & consultant

​located in Lymm Cheshire England

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