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​About property portfolio sales

Property portfolio sales are exclusively a Property Portfolio Buying Company​ – based in Lymm in Cheshire. Our team specialises in buying portfolios up and down the UK – that’s our core business. So if you are thinking about selling your portfolio – we’d be delighted if you’d consider working with us on a Bespoke Portfolio Buying Solution that’s built 100% around your portfolio and needs.

We've 15 years of experience & £50 million of sales

There's a number of companies out there who "claim to buy property portfolios". However some are inexperienced - and ​fail to ​complete on the purchase due to the complexities involved when dealing with so many properties at ​the same time.

I'm sure you'll agree that selling (and buying) just a single property is difficult enough? ​Well ​what happens is that some of these companies take on more than they can ​handle - and then can't ​complete on the purchase.

​sellers sometimes contact us AFTER they've dealt with another company who've promised them the earth - and then ​let them down. Often at an advanced stage of sale - And ​often ​after ​hundreds of pounds have already been spent on solicitors fees.

Structured Sale

​When selling your property portfolio you need to consider your Capital Gains Tax ​position. Otherwise HMRC will say "thank you very much" - and demand their (huge) cut in tax.

You can ​easily get around paying this by selling to us via a Structured Sale. In a structured sale you'll "sell your portfolio ​now" AND release equity* ​at the same time.

​Though crucially from a ​timing perspective - your actual sales on land registry will take place over an agreed period of time - and not all ​in the same tax year - so you can ​utilise ​future years of Capital Gains Tax allowances**.​

*equity will be released only where agreed and only where there is actual equity within ​your portfolio

​** Your accountant / Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) will be able to fully advise you on your tax position and capital gains allowances.

Advanced Options Contracts

Structured Sales are achieved using "Advanced Options Contracts". These contracts have been written exclusively by ourselves (along with our solicitors) - and it's these very flexible and legally robust contracts that makes the structured sale process run smoothly.

(These contracts AREN'T available to any third parties).


​In case you're wondering? We can also buy properties for cash where Capital Gains Tax isn't an issue. ​And also where speed is ​of paramount importance.

Looking forward to chatting with you

If you'd like more information than please contact us ​to arrange an informal chat about selling your property portfolio.​ You can get in touch via Contact Form - ​Email - 0800 77 234 88 - WhatsApp

Many thanks for reading - ​we appreciate your time and interest...

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Phil Calladine - Portfolio Consultant

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