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How to Sell Your UK Property Portfolio for more profit and pay less tax

​Perfect for any portfolio - no matter the size or property mix

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How many of these sound familiar?

  • LANDLORD DUTIES - You're becoming a little tired of being a landlord - and it seems to be getting a lot harder?
  • SECTION 24 TAX - You're now ​suffering the effects of section 24 tax - and the profitability of your portfolio has taken a hit?
  • NEW REGULATIONS - You're concerned about new laws and regulations - such as the abolition of section 21 - where you'll be stuck with bad tenants?
  • MAINTENANCE - You've a long list of outstanding maintenance - and you don't have the funds - nor the inclination to do the work?
  • PASTURES NEW - You're thinking about retirement - have health issues - or simply want to move on?
  • SELLING YOUR PORTFOLIORegarding selling your portfolio - you're open to discussing a sale - and looking around for options?

Many portfolio landlords haven't given a ​great deal of thought about how to sell their property portfolios

So they ​may end up selling via one of the traditional selling routes - ​and pay​ sky-high selling fees and taxes​

​However there's a much smarter way ​to sell - where you​ keep more of the profits and pay less tax. You can learn how​ this all works below

​options for ​selling your portfolio

As a landlord you have a lot of experience at buying properties and building up your portfolio.

However now it's come time for you to sell - you might not have any real-world ​experience on how to go about selling your entire property portfolio for the best outcome.

​Which means:

You could end up selling your portfolio via one of the "traditional selling routes" listed below - who'll all charge you hIGH selling fees and demand discounts.

selling option a - traditional selling routes

auctioning a house header

Auction House

residential property portfolios for sale header

Business Broker

sell a tenanted property portfolio header

Estate / Commercial Agent

companies that buy houses heads


Traditional Selling routes include:

  1. Auction House
  2. Business Broker
  3. Estate Agent
  4. Commercial Agent
  5. WeBuyAnyHouse online companies

With all of the above you'll be subject to:

  • High Selling Fees - because these businesses are funded by charging HIGH FEES
  • BIG Discount Requests - because the buyers you'll be introduced to will all be savvy property investors looking for a bargain
  • High Capital Gains Tax Bill - because you'll be selling all your properties at once - so you cannot offset profits against multiple years of Capital Gains Tax allowances.

traditional selling routes - fees and discounts

Selling Fees and Discounts will come directly from Your Profits.

And you won't be able to sell via the traditional routes anyway if your portfolio is in any way affected by:

  1. Negative Equity - because the sale proceeds won't even cover paying back your mortgages*
  2. ​High Loan To Value (LTV) Mortgages - because the total sale proceeds probably won't cover paying back your mortgages* AND paying the selling fees.

So if you're in either of the 2 categories above then the only viable way to sell ​via traditional selling routes would be to:

top-up the sale proceeds from your own Pocket!!

​traditional Selling routes - key takeaway

Selling your portfolio via the Traditional Selling Routes means you'll pay high selling fees.

and ​savvy investor buyers will expect to buy at a discount.

*In order to sell a property and transfer ownership to a new owner you have to pay back the mortgages at the same time.

property portfolio sales capital gains tax

traditional selling routes - ​capital gains tax

If you're in the fortunate position to sell your portfolio for a profit then that's fantastic.

I'm sure you're aware though that property profit is ​classed as income -  so Capital Gains Tax (CGT) is payable.

​Capital Gains Tax rates on property for 2020-2021 are:

  • 18% for basic rate taxpayers
  • 28% for higher rate taxpayers
  • £12,300 ​per person a year allowance tax-free

​And because Capital Gains Tax now has to be paid within 30 days from the date of selling (introduced April 2020)​ - the absolute worst thing you can do is to sell all your properties at the same time.

Because then you'll only be able to offset one years worth of Capital Gains Tax allowance​.

so you'll end up paying lots and lots of tax - that you really don't need to pay.

​An example to illustrate:

  • Portfolio of 20 properties
  • ​Sold for £3Million by higher rate tax paying couple
  • ​Profits from sale £240,000
  • Capital Gains Tax bill - 28% on all profit over £24,600
  • ​CGT = 28% x £215,400 = £60,312

​Is there a more tax efficient way to sell?

YES THERE IS. If these properties were sold ​(for example) over 10 years - instead of ​over 1 year - then NO TAX would be due.

  • ​CGT for each of the 10 years = 28% x (£24,000 - 24,6000) = £0.00

​Tax bill would therefore be £0.00 - so you'd save £60,312.

​Sell ​intelligently and pay NO TAX

Capital Gains Tax - key takeaway

Selling your portfolio via the Traditional Selling Routes means you'll be selling All Properties At the same time.

So you'll almost certainly end up paying TOO MUCH TAX

AVOID if at all possible!!

so is there an alternative way to sell your property portfolio?

Absolutely YES​. There's a much ​better way ​of selling your portfolio - where you:​

  1. ​Won't pay any FEES
  2. ​Don't have to sell at a Discount​
  3. Won't pay ​unnecessary Capital Gains Tax

And you can still sell all the properties in your portfolio in ONE CLEAN TRANSACTION

​Here's the ​Details:

​Let me introduce you to:

A more intelligent way to Sell Your Property Portfolio via a structured sale

NB: this works with ALL portfolio sizes and mixes (inc portfolios with challenges)

property portfolio sales structured sale

​Selling option b - structured Sale Plan

A structured sale Plan ​from Property Portfolio Sales has ​incredible advantages for you over Traditional Selling Routes. Not least ​because it's ​100% flexible ​to your needs ​AND because it actually works with EVERY type of portfolio sale.

​All that's really needed is for you to tell us what you want to ​achieve from the sale of your portfolio - and then we'll come back to you with ​a Structured ​Sale Plan - for your comments and appraisal.

​Here's a couple of examples:

  1. Let's say you ​run a full time ​business - and your portfolio is increasingly taking​ too much of your time - ​without ​actually making you ​enough money​​. So now y​ou'd ​prefer to sell - ​to allow you to concentrate on ​other matters.
  2. Or maybe you have a portfolio that's doing rather well and has lots of equity. What you'd really like is to sell the properties​ to release equity as an income - and save yourself a fortune in Capital Gains Tax ​at the same time​.

I'm sure you'll agree that the 2 examples above are quite different to each other?

Yet a structured sale ​is perfect for both sellers​.

Because it's completely flexible - and can easily be ​created to ​satisfy the aims and objectives of both sellers.

​Why a structured sale?

  1. Your portfolio sale is put on autopilot ​where sales ​happen in a phased manner. So you won't get clobbered for Capital Gains Tax​.
  2. ​You can sell your portfolio in ANY area of the UK. ​Including​ portfolios geographically spread ​​apart.
  3. Your portfolio can be sold even if it's ​not in the best of of condition. ​And things like rental arrears and problem tenants aren't an issue. So you don't have to spend hours ​sorting out ​your portfolio - just to sell.
  4. You can sell ​negative equity properties. Which means you're no longer stuck with an unsaleable portfolio.
  5. You can sell portfolios with any mix - residential - commercial - HMO - Serviced Accommodation.
  6. If your portfolio has equity - you'll receive an upfront payment​.
  7. Your sale will be overseen by a UK solicitor - with ​rigorous protection.
  8. Buying decision provided in 48 hours if your needs are urgent.

And just a quick reminder of the key advantages over Traditional Selling Routes:

  • ​You won't pay any selling fees. ​We're ​NOT an intermediary broker so no fees whatsoever​.​
  • ​With a structured sale - no discounts.
  • Your sale will be structured with the intention to maximise Capital Gains Tax allowances. Which means you'll pay less tax**.

​Structured Sale Plan - key takeaway

​You can think of a structured ​sale as a way of selling your portfolio on autopilot - without you having to do any of the difficult selling work yourself.

​A structured sale uses a structured ​approach and flexible time-scale to ​maximise your profits and reduce your tax bill**.

​Buying decision can be provided in 48 hours​ - should your needs be urgent.

** Your accountant / Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) will be able to fully advise you on your tax position and capital gains allowances.

​Property Portfolio Sales are looking for portfolios to buy right now in 2020

Property Portfolio Sales can put together a custom Built Structured Sale for you that's built entirely around your needs.

Our team specialises in buying portfolios up and down the UK. That's our core business along with an internal lettings team who take good care of the properties and tenants within our own portfolio.

​Property Portfolio Sales are exclusively a property portfolio buyer - based in Lymm, Cheshire.

Experienced with property portfolios purchases since 2006 - total portfolio value of more than £50 Million

property portflio sales phil calladine

Phil Calladine - proprietor & consultant

​Past ​Clients

property portfolio sales sussex

Nicholas // Sussex

"I was in a tight spot. I’d worked hard to build up a sizeable property portfolio during the boom years, but now it felt as if it was all crashing down around me.

The biggest problem was managing it. Although I had equity in some properties, others were deep in negative equity, and some tenants weren’t paying the rent, so I couldn’t pay some of the mortgages. I was losing sleep.

The solution just seemed ideal. A lot of thought had gone into it. It was simple, but removed all my worries.

Since I decided to accept that offer I have been impressed with the way things have turned around.  I have peace of mind. Rather than being financially ruined, I got a small payment up front, have received other lump sums along the way (from sales) and have more to look forward to as the remaining houses are bought.

I would have no hesitation in recommending this ​company if you want to sell your property portfolio."

Nicholas ★★★★★

property portfolio sales devon

​Sally // Devon

"I had 4 properties, and they were in poor condition. I was on the verge of giving the keys back to the bank. So glad I didn’t.

This has worked really well for me and I’d be happy to talk personally with anyone who wants to know more.  Highly recommended."

​Sally ★★★★★

property portfolio sales london

​Mark // London

"I signed the paperwork for the sale of my property portfolio in December 2016.  I was too busy as a solicitor to think about my 20 properties, which were intended to augment my pension.

Poor management and high service charges meant I had to subsidise the portfolio every month.

What I liked about our arrangement was the fact it gave me the price I wanted for my properties at a future time and all of my costs are covered for me.

Being able to focus on my core business has been invaluable"

​Mark ★★★★★

property portfolio sales - getting in touch

​To learn more - please contact us for an informal chat about selling your portfolio​.

  1. ​You can contact us via: email -contact Form 0800 77 234 88- WhatsApp​ - whichever you prefer
  2. Once you've made contact - we can then arrange a convenient time ​to chat (FREE Consultation​) ​- ​to allow us to get a better idea ​about your portfolio - and how to structure a possible sale
  3. ​Following on from ​this chat - we'll send you over our initial​ ideas​​
  4. And then it's really up to you what you'd like to do next

We're confident our structured sale approach ​​will out-perform all other selling ​routes - so there's no need for any sales pitch.

Just ​lots of ​options for you to consider​.




​allows you to fully ​assess ​ALL available options for ​the sale of your portfolio​

​You should try to avoid​ selling ​your portfolio when under any sort of pressure​ to sell quickly​ - due to an unplanned change in circumstances - such as ill health or divorce​​.

With a structured sale you can avoid all of this stress - by creating a plan ​now - and selling your portfolio at a time that suits you.

Which means you can put the sale of your portfolio on autopilot - and leave the difficult selling work to us​...

property portfolio sales - getting in touch

Thanks for reading our website. If you'd like any more information about selling your portfolio then please get in touch by clicking the more information​ button below. Or alternatively call us on:

0800 77 234 88.

We can take a look at your portfolio - and give you some great ideas on the possible ways to sell.

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