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Property Portfolio Sales - ​we're buying Property Portfolios right now in 2020

Do you own a UK Property Portfolio that you’re thinking about selling? Maybe you’ve ​arrived here at the Property Portfolio Sales website today ​whilst Googling for information about “selling your property portfolio?”

​Have you ​already taken the decision to sell? If you have then you'll possibly be ​looking at a range of ​selling options - to see what's ​available? Or ​perhaps you're just doing a ​spot of ​desktop research - ​in case you decide to sell in the near future?

​Whatever the reasons ​that brought you ​here today - welcome​! ​You've come to the right place to ​answer the question: "How ​do I sell my property portfolio?"​ Because property portfolio sales are UK based property portfolio buyers - and we're looking for UK based portfolios to buy right now in 2020.

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Phil Calladine - portfolio consultant

Selling an entire property portfolio can be a daunting task. In fact It’s ​Generally More difficult to sell a portfolio - than it is to put a portfolio together in the first place. You could try ​selling One Property At A Time – the same way you put your portfolio together in the first place. Or you could look for a ​property portfolio buyer such as Property Portfolio Sales who can buy your entire portfolio from you in a single transaction​.

How Do I Sell My Property Investment Portfolio?

You can sell your property portfolio to us in 2 ways:

​1) CASH

  • ​Sell your Property Portfolio for a "CASH" payment NOW and your sale will conclude in one ​easy transaction.
  • ​Enables you to ​RECEIVE EQUITY NOW - and complete the transaction quickly.
  • Works best with portfolios containing equity - for everything else - see "Structured Sale".


  • Sell your Property Portfolio NOW and we'll structure the sale over a period of time to suit you.
  • ​Enables you to ​​RECEIVE EQUITY NOW - and utilise ​future Capital Gains Tax​ years.
  • 100% flexible selling option for all portfolio ​types - ​Sole Trader, Partnerships, Ltd Co etc.​​

​​​​​your reasons for selling?

There's a number of reasons you might be considering selling your portfolio at this time. For example you might be looking to "Gain Freedom" from"​Negative Equity" or "Endless Property And Tenant Duties?" ​Or you might simply be tired of all the "New Regulations And Taxes" that makes being a landlord so much more hassle (and less lucrative) these days.

Or maybe you're wanting to sell to "Cash In On The Equity" - and go have some fun whilst spending the profits on that "Long Time Dream Holiday To ​Machu Picchu"​ or on "​Buying That Special Apartment in Spain".

Whatever your reasons and motivations for selling - Property Portfolio Sales can buy your portfolio from you. ​There's no selling fees* -​ and we've over 15 years of experience buying portfolios.

* ​There's no selling fees - why is that? That's because we're property portfolio buyers - so there's no middle-Person to pay fees to. Compare this to: selling your portfolio via auction house, business broker, estate agent, webuyanyhouse etc where you'll be paying huge selling ​fees to a middle-Person - ​from ​YOUR profits!!!

​Property Portfolio Sales - ​about us

A quick introduction from Phil Calladine​ - portfolio consultant

"Property portfolio sales are exclusively a property portfolio buyer​ - based in Lymm, Cheshire. Our team specialises in buying portfolios up and down the UK - that's our core business. We also have an internal lettings team who take good care of the properties and tenants within our own portfolio.

​We can ​put together a bespoke portfolio ​Selling solution​ for you that's built entirely around your needs - to allow you to sell for the ​best price possible - and to also protect your Capital Gains Tax position**."

** selling an entire property portfolio in one go can expose you to a large capital gains tax ​bill from HMRC. Our selling solutions are structured to avoid this - and we'd be delighted to share this knowledge with you...

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​Property Portfolio Sales - ​let's talk?

We're very keen to talk ​to you about selling your portfolio​:

  1. So please Get In Touch via: email -contact Form 0800 77 234 88- WhatsApp​ - whichever you prefer.​
  2. Once you've made contact - we can then arrange a convenient time ​to have a chat (FREE Consultation​) ​- which will allow us to get a much better idea ​on how to structure a possible sale - ​to match your needs.
  3. ​Following on from your consultation we'll send over a "bespoke portfolio buying solution" ​containing options and ideas - ​based on our discussions.
  4. And then finally - if that ​all sounds like a basis to move forward - we'll ​follow-up with a formal offer to purchase your portfolio.

But hey we're jumping way ahead here. First ​step is for you to "Get in Touch" - and the rest can come later 🙂

​Property Portfolio Sales - ​Key facts

  • There's no selling fees - no for sale boards - no awkward questions from tenants.
  • If you need a fast sale we can buy very quickly - or more slowly if you prefer?
  • Your sale can be structured to reduce the capital gains tax you'll need to pay ***.
  • You'll be paid an upfront payment wherever this is possible - by unlocking equity.
  • We'll release you from the management burden from day one - so you're 100% free.
  • And importantly - we'll explain the entire process to you in plain, jargon-free english along every step of the way.

*** Your accountant / Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) will be able to fully advise you on your tax position and capital gains allowances.




​allows you to fully ​assess ​ALL available options for ​the sale of your portfolio​

we're looking for ​Investment Portfolios ​for sale NOW

  • Here at Property Portfolio Sales we're buying Property Portfolios of ​ALL sizes - from 1 to 100's of units.
  • We're buying portfolios in ​ALL areas of the UK.
  • Portfolios are being purchased even if they're not in the best of condition.
  • We can buy Negative equity properties.
  • And of course we'll manage the handover of existing tenants.
  • We can buy mixes of residential and commercial properties.
  • ​Purchases structured to maximise Capital Gains Tax allowances.
  • WE ARE Property Portfolio Experts with genuine experience.

​We sometimes here from ​landlords who have portfolios that ​are so far out of control ​with tenants ​in arrears and high ​voids etc that they struggle to know what to do next. If this sounds ​anything like you? - and you're thinking ​about selling? - please get in touch - ​and we can have an informal chat about your selling options.


property portfolio sales sussex

Nicholas // Sussex

"I was in a tight spot. I’d worked hard to build up a sizeable property portfolio during the boom years, but now it felt as if it was all crashing down around me.

The biggest problem was managing it. Although I had equity in some properties, others were deep in negative equity, and some tenants weren’t paying the rent, so I couldn’t pay some of the mortgages. I was losing sleep.

The solution just seemed ideal. A lot of thought had gone into it. It was simple, but removed all my worries.

Since I decided to accept that offer I have been impressed with the way things have turned around.  I have peace of mind. Rather than being financially ruined, I got a small payment up front, have received other lump sums along the way (from sales) and have more to look forward to as the remaining houses are bought.

I would have no hesitation in recommending this ​company if you want to sell your property portfolio."

Nicholas ★★★★★

property portfolio sales devon

​Sally // Devon

"I had 4 properties, and they were in poor condition. I was on the verge of giving the keys back to the bank. So glad I didn’t.

This has worked really well for me and I’d be happy to talk personally with anyone who wants to know more.  Highly recommended."

​Sally ★★★★★

property portfolio sales london

​Mark // London

"I signed the paperwork for the sale of my property portfolio in December 2016.  I was too busy as a solicitor to think about my 20 properties, which were intended to augment my pension.

Poor management and high service charges meant I had to subsidise the portfolio every month.

What I liked about our arrangement was the fact it gave me the price I wanted for my properties at a future time and all of my costs are covered for me.

Being able to focus on my core business has been invaluable"

​Mark ★★★★★

​Or Call



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Recent Landlord Surveys


4,000 buy-to-let properties are sold by UK landlords each month - Ministry of Housing Report Aug 2018

property portfolio SALES concerns in 2020

the 20 most common reasons landlords give us for wanting to sell their property portfolios in 2020...

  1. Wanting to retire.
  2. Change in circumstances eg divorce, house move.
  3. Spouse / partner wants you to sell.
  4. Worried about the future.
  5. Fed up dealing with tenants.
  6. Wide geographical spread of portfolio.
  7. Section 24 tax increases.
  8. HMO & Selective licensing schemes.
  9. Universal Credit rollout.
  10. Government increasing tenant rights.
  11. ​legislation to have section 21 evictions abolished.
  12. tougher Mortgage lending rules.
  13. High level of rental arrears.
  14. Poor condition of properties.
  15. Negative equity & zero capital growth
  16. letting fees ban - increased tenanting costs.
  17. Difficulty finding a reliable letting agent.
  18. Where to start selling multiple tenanted properties?
  19. Difficulty in finding a reliable buyer.
  20. A looming capital gains tax liability.

​getting in touch

The list above highlights the ever increasing difficulties that landlords are operating under. It appears that the UK government is trying to STRONGLY DISCOURAGE PRIVATE LANDLORDS with all the recent tax increases and regulation changes.

​Consultation Form

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​How do I "Sell My Property Portfolio?"

"If you are considering selling your portfolio? Then please get in touch - and have a friendly chat with one of our UK portfolio experts.

We'll take an in-depth look at your portfolio and let you know ALL ​your available options.

  • All consultations and advice 100% FREE - GUARANTEED
  • ​​We're happy to buy your portfolio - in any condition - and in any part of the UK
  • Experienced with property portfolios since 2006 - total portfolio value of more than £50 Million
property portflio sales phil calladine


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